What's The Difference Between High School And Middle School?


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The difference between high school and middle school is that middle school has a lot of little kids that are very imature that like to start drama halg of the time and middle school is not hard if you try if you don't try of course its going to be hard and high school is ok and yes it gets hard sometimes but not all the time you just got to no what your doing cause if not your going to fail that subject... And the teachers get more meaner then they already are some of them and I geuss they don't get that sometimes their being hard on us but school is a have to thing and I geuss what ever comes to You thats hard you will have to deal with it..
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In middle school people are smaller there is drama but in high school people are bigger more drama,and mosty likely the school is really big and the years(9th freshman,10th sophomore,11th junior,and 12th senior)
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Middle school is 7th grade and 8th. (sometimes 6th) High School is 9 Freshman, 10 Sophomore, 11 Junior, and 12 Senior. The only difference is that they teach higher things. A bette level than middle school.
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Honestly, I'd say that the only difference is that there's more drama in high school than there is in middle school. Sometimes the teenagers grow up a little as they enter high school, but most of the time they act the same way they have in middle school. Or at least that's what I've seen so far.

The list of years is as follows: Freshmen (9th), sophomore (10th), junior (11th), and finally senior (12th).
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Thanks, so middle school and highschool both start at year 9??
But what about year 7 and 8?? Year 7 and 8 aren't in Primary school are they?

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