Can You Write A 30 Word Story Without Using A Particular Vowel?


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without using an E:

Lucy is a stupid, thick and ugly girl, who always fight with boys, so no boy wants to kiss or want to go out with this girl. Four days ago, lucy got sick and six boys hit lucy.
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now try no o"s
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who knows who is a wild man? i am a fair woman...lucy saw us ...shall I say a word to mom?" No fights boys'" I say.. " Dad is away""A man is always cool! And you must claim a baby! calm down now! it's not your''sFranks! OH my gosh! who could know? "What shall I call him?" I'll Call it izzy...whoo[ps it's a girl!I'll call it izza.. Who will claim this child?
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Without using an O:

"A girl was surfing the internet when she suddenly saw Blurtit appear in her search results. She clicked the site and since that day she hasn't ceased using the superb and useful website."

See if you can do one without using E A I or U.

I'd be surprised if anyone can do one without using an E.
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Here are some. I counted hyphenated words as one word.

Without U's:

Once there was a man who was known as Matooch. Stephen challenged him to write a thirty-word story while omitting an arbitrary vowel. Seeing he had thirty words right NOW and his story only contained A's, E's, I's, and O's, he realized he had completed the challenge. The end!

Without E's:

On a particular day, a participant did ask a man known as Matooch to construct a thirty-word story, omitting an arbitrary non-consonant. Noting his word count was thirty NOW, and that his story only had A's, I's, O's, and U's, Matooch did confirm his triumph. Fin!

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A hard task (a standard paragraph) can stall any apt craftsman. And, a man can grasp a standard plan and fall flat. Anyway, an "art attack" can add a "grand slam" start, and an abstract amalgam can act as a pad. That's a wrap! Any Back-talk?
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Danni was the very thick headed badminton player in the city who wins the game with out losing any single set. But when he appeared in the national championship he loss his first match due to his over confident.
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Hmmmmm, you should have a look at Georges Perec's novel titled "A Void," entirely written without the use of the letter "e." It's about a man gone missing, a certain "Anton Vowl" -- brilliant stuff! So why reinvent the wheel, Perec's already got it covered!
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Without an "a"

Indeed, there were women of the pretentious type during this time,too. But they were not like us. You see, for everything we knew or did not know, we still knew/understood ourselves to be quite humble --queens or princesses of the new movement without pretensiousness, donning no crowns or riches. Our power derived purely from our purpose; for there is true power in the genuineness of people's stories.

Of course then there is Evie, who just positively drew people to her with her words; by her eloquence, she set in motion the most lovely picture of gentle feminism in concert with femininity -- one single person so poised, so confident, we knew we would truly see them bring positive things for the collective future of our people... With only the sheer weight of her sentiments, we believed the kingdom could evolve into one which would serve its people well once more.
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Without using U:

my pet gerbil eats a lot of gerbil food.I have two gerbils and they are brothers.One is called Zach and one is called Zeke.I love my gerbils.

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