If I write a story based on a movie that's R-Rated, should I use a lot of curse words?


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You should use your judgement. If the cursing is attached to the character eg. If the character is really expressive, then don't completely take out all the curses. I think it's always better not to have characters curse because more people will respect the story that way, but if the character curses a lot in the movie you shouldn't ignore it.

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If you want more people to watch your series I reccomend you not use that many curses  - but if your charecter gets hurt/sad/angry those are appropriate times to curse, not if your in a random conversation. If you use a curse like every 10 seconds,  I personally wouldn't watch it :/.

Hope this advise is helpful.

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Absolutely not. If you are intelligent enough to compose a story,then you should be smart enough to use your vivid imagination in order to substitute non-offensive language for profanity.

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