I have to write a science fiction story for school, what should I write?


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The definition of science fiction from Wikipedia: "Science fiction is a genre of speculative fiction typically dealing with imaginative concepts such as futuristic science and technology." So it's basically some (really amazing) made-up science/tech stuff.

You can get inspired and think up some ideas by observing your environment and visual artwork you find on the internet. Make up the characters in your story and create brief backgrounds for them, give them their personalities, give them a physical description, etc.

Something I like doing for the story lines is to just write (rough draft) and put any ideas for events that come into my mind onto the paper (but make sure everything fits in with the previous ideas). When I'm done, I make a plot chart for it and reread, and mark out anything I don't like.

When revising, make sure to look at grammar rules and for variety in your sentences. Word your sentences clearly.

p.s. I'm only okay at writing. But if you're really into writing stories, really plan them out and put thought/hard work into them, because you will be proud of them in the end.

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Earth has not faired well in its long war against the insect like race of the Veshay. Earth territories around the Milkyway Galaxy are all but lost, teetering on the brink of total annihilation. Earth spies have learned that the Veshay have created a new, extremely powerful weapon that, when detonated, would disable any earth technology within its vicinity. This would allow the Veshay to enter into human territory without resistance. A sliver of hope remains as the Veshay weapon is not yet complete. Captain Jack Arrington and his faithful crew embark on a dangerous and most likely fatal mission to find and destroy this weapon before it is completed. All of humanity rests in their hands.

This was an idea I had for a creative writing class of mine, but I never got to use it. Perhaps it'll do you some good or inspire another idea for you. Good luck!!

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The year is 2025 and the American Hegemony, after nine years of rule by the self-styled Emperor Trump, has enslaved the whole of North and South America as well as the Pacific region, including Australia and Japan.

As Trump casts his greedy eyes eastward toward Europe, two heroes arise to challenge his power. They are Johnno, an Australian aborigine whose digeridoo has mystical powers, and Dominique, a descendent of the Norse gods whose very name means doom!

Together they...

Well, you've gotta write a bit of the story yourself.

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I always like a good time travel story.  Have it start in the year 2040 where U.S President Vladimir Putin is old and at the end of his lifetime term of office that he was elected to.  The world has changed and not for the better.  One young man decides to take it upon himself to build a time machine.  He travels back to the year 2022  where he plans to stop the one event responsible for the world's downward spiral.  The day Putin announced the most controversial reform ever.  Rewriting the ending to Rocky IV.

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How about Time Travel?

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