I need to write a short story, what should my protagonist's occupation, species, etc be? Or what is an interesting occupation that people in stories normally don't have?


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Rare Antique Book Store Owner.

A old old lady owns a special unique rare bookstore📚📖📙📕📓📗.

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I just read half a novel called The Tempest by James Lilliefors. Having enjoyed another of his (The Leviathan Effect) I expected to enjoy this book too, but one of his main characters was a country parson whose congregation included all the local cops and dignitaries, all turning up on Sunday morning to sing hymns. Fair dinkum!

I persevered, hoping he would manage to get his feet on the ground but when he published a full sermon, complete with Biblical quotes, I returned it to the library.

Stick with real people. Postmen, paperhangers, paediatricians, pawn brokers, pilots, pipers, even prostitutes -- anybody real! But if you must have a parson, have one who doesn't preach.

By contrast Fr Andrew Greeley has written a fascinating set of detective stories about a Catholic bishop he calls Bishop Blackie. He manages to get his message across without nagging his readers. The difference between Greeley and Lilliefors is found in one word: Subtlety!

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A retired bookie who rides a bicycle collecting cans and bottles- more for the exercise than the cash.  Much opportunity for getting into trouble (or  adventure if you prefer that word) plus connections to all sorts of people.  Not just criminals use bookies.

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Time Police / Travel

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