How To Write Up A School Science Project?


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Start your science project with the headings below. Figure out roughly what type of work or writing you will need to put down or do for each heading. This is part of your basic planning -- stuff to do before you conduct any experiments.

The items with a single asterick (*) are what every science project, from Preschool up, would include. The double (**)s are what you would put in for a science project from about age 11 and older.

* Title. May appear simple as its own page.
** Abstract – about 250 words on the title or hypothesis, the type of experiment done, and the conclusions.
** Table of contents
** Introduction – Basically, the background to why this is something intresting to investigate.
* Hypothesis
* Materials and Methods. Discussion of why the experiment is run like it is.
* Results, with Discussion.
* Conclusions.
** Bibliography/Full listings of any References cited.
** Appendices: Not essential, but often useful. Typically an Appendix would show any raw or extra data collected, extra detail on techniques or recipes, etc.

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