How To Put In Order A Science Project?


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Putting together a science project, especially for a science fair, can be a lot of fun! However there are several key principles to adhere to in order to make your work enticing and also to deliver the accurate findings, analysis and results of your work in the most efficient way. To do so, here are some of the things that you must be sure to consider when setting up your project:

  • A purpose

Here you will need to make a brief statement on what you intend to do for your project and why.

  • Relevant research

Research is necessary to support the experiment. You can use books and the internet, or simply good old-fashion questionnaires!

  • A hypothesis

Here you must include your prediction of the outcome of your experiment.

  • Experiment

This is the part where you get to have a little fun. Devise an experiment and record your findings

  • Analysis

Analyse the results to your findings

  • Conclusion

Review all of the above information, including results from the experiment and analysis, and write a conclusion. This should include whether or not your hypothesis was correct.

I hope this helps!

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