I Need A Really Good And Easy Science Project For A Second Grader, Can You Help?


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The best science projects are ones that have some attention grabbing feature - like an exploding volcano!

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The easiest project that a sophomore can make is making a series-parallel circuit
using 10 bulbs 9-12 volts each or .4 ampere, 3 meters #22 wire, a 10x14
wood.10 socket, of course compatible with the bulbs, and a 20 volts
power supply.
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Here is a link from where you can get the science fair projects for the second graders. They are very useful. Hava a look:
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It is very simple to find project ideas for second graders, but you have to make it interesting for them, so that they can work on their own on them. Here are a few topics for it:
- Do Plants Lose Water Through Their Leaves?  
- Which Side of a Plant Leaf Takes in Carbon Dioxide
Also Here is a link that will surely help you find amazing ideas and topics for his science project.

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