Can Any One Provide Me An Essay On LEADERSHIP SKILLS?


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Just think what makes a good leader and why do you makes urself a good leader jux relaxed and focused and think..
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I cannot really write your essay for you, but I can and will gladly give you some ideas on how to successfully do this assignment. When you sit down to write an essay you think of six very important questions. When you have the answers to these questions, you turn the answers into well structured sentences and paragraphs, and you then have an essay. The questions are who, what, where, when, why and how.

So, get a pen and some paper or open Word on your computer and start by answering the questions I have typed for you. Think for a one moment who is a leader? What about this person causes you to think of him/her as a leader? When have you seen or experienced this person as a leader? Why do you believe this person is a leader? How does this person lead other people? How does this person make other people feel when he/she leads them? Do you think of yourself as a leader or a follower? How do other people think of you, as a leader or a follower? Does a leader have special skills? What are the skills you look for in a leader? Who is a leader you would gladly follow?

My Dad was a great leader. He never pushed us to do things, he talked about making decisions and how important it is to stand up, and be counted as a decisive person. He praised us when we made a decision.

Whether the decision was a good decision or later proved to be a bad decision. His response was the "only wrong decision is the decision you refuse to make." Your decision may not have been the best one, but with what you knew, at the time, you made the best the decision you could make. Dad made us feel good about ourselves and he never put us down, and so we learned from him never put other people down, when they make a mistake, or do something wrong. He was kind and we learned to be kind.

See as I am answering the questions I am writing an essay about leadership skills and someone important in my life who taught me to be a good leader. Pick someone you respect, a parent, friend, minister, doctor or sports figure you know personally, like your coach. You can do this! Now, you try it and you will have a great essay in a very short time, I promise!

Good luck and I know you will ace it! By the way there are 442 words here already, you will be at 500 before you know it.

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