What Were The Last Campus Questions Of Tech Mahindra?


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Tech Mahindra Ltd. Previously called as Mahindra British Telecom is a shared undertaking between Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) and British Telecommunications, UK with Mahindra possessing fifty seven percent and British Telecom having forty three percent of the equity.

The head office of Tech Mahindra is situated in the city of Pune in India. Tech Mahindra began functioning as a Software Services company in the year 1988 and emphasizes on offering services to the international telecom industry.

Today it is the foremost telecom solution provider in India. Tech Mahindra Limited is the universal leader in offering complete IT solutions to the Telecom industry.

The Tech Mahindra examination includes questions that a test a person's arithmetic skills, logic skills etc. One can obtain sample questions and papers from the this site.
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Test questions that are asked on campus are generally not disclosed. In order to be prepared for these campus questions it is sufficient to be well informed about ones field of study. A list of sample papers related to Tech Mahindra are however available at Sample papers on general aptitude, candidates experience, numerical and other categories are provided. A general paper will be divided into six sections with ten minutes being allocated for each of the respective sections. The first section contains 10th standard level maths. Section two contains logic, section three is English language, Section four data interpretation, section five is reading and section six is logic concerned with flowcharts. Tech Mahindra has their official site at

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