What Is Homework?


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Home work is anything related with studies that has to be done at home. It might be in the form of assignments,research , course exercise practise etc.Basic reason to give homework is so that students can stay in touch with their course work after school timings.It gives the chance to get to know more about the topic that students are studying at school.
Home work also depends on ability of the student to gain information, some students who are not so good at studies can give extra time to studies by completing their homework.
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You most have been bored that day
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Work that you do at home
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Homework is a type of tasks given by a teacher/tutor/instructor for a student to practice the learned material, master the skills and/or revise the previous topics. It's sometimes a creative task on that is assigned to students to check their capacity of constructive and creative thinking. Our teachers at school didn't give us much homework, at college thought professor gave loads of assignments and tasks to write essays and research papers.

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Homework is that part of ones studies that is to be performed at home. It consists of assignments that are given by the instructor to be done at home. Home work is generally given when assignments are left incomplete or when further practice is required. For instance when subjects like math are being taught the theory or examples are explained at class and extra work or assignments are to be performed at home. It is not possible for a professor to complete the entire syllabus in several different subjects if he has to enumerate every example or cover every topic. In different subjects home work can differ, in languages, history etc it can involve reading and memorization whereas in accountancy and math it involves solving problems.
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Homework is a terrible form of "learning" that is just getting worse and worse as the years go on. When I have kids, they're just going to have a private tutor or be home schooled- there isn't a chance in hell I'm going to traumatize my kids with the stupid public school systems and their absurd amounts of life-consuming homework!!
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Homework is something created by all teachers to ensure that the students properly understand the lessons that are being taught at school.  Something to make sure we are listening or paying attention while in class
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Whatever you have learnt in school, for further and better learning teachers give you more work to do with the same subject, at home.
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Its work you bring home sometimes to see if you rember a lesson sometimes to help you with something you struggle with some times it is boring.

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