Is Homework A Burden For Children?


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Homework is a burden when it is nothing more than a poor teacher's shifting responsibility to the unprepared student.  Homework is not a burden when a good teacher assigns tasks that fire a student's interest in learning, that cause the student to want to do more than what is assigned because the work is so exciting, and that make the student eager to return to class the next day. Having experienced both types of teachers and both types of homework, I hope all students have far more of the second type!  It is possible and great teachers are a blessing.

So the answer is Yes or No depending on such things as the quality of the teacher's teaching during class time, the amount of homework given, the clarity of the instructions about the homework, the school's homework policies, the subject matter of homework, the child's abilities, and the home life of the family.

All participants in a child's education, the child, parents, teacher, school, and the wider school community each have an important role in education of which homework is a part.

Today more and more parents are considering some form of homeschooling because of the growing problems in public schools.

For example,

"Reasons for Homeschooling "Parents might choose to homeschool their child for many reasons. 2003 information from the NCES cites three most applicable reasons that parents cite for choosing homeschool:

1.Concerns about school environment. 85% of parents say their decision was partly based on worries about safety, drugs, or negative peer pressure in a public school environment.

2.Desire to provide religious or moral instruction. 72% of parents report that they homeschool because they want to incorporate religious study and/or personal ethics and worldview into their curriculum.

3.Dissatisfaction with academic instruction. 68% of homeschooling parents were unhappy with alternatives available to educate their children, and decided to take matters into their own hands."

Concerns over homework are part of the reasons parents consider some form of greater involvement in their child's direct eduction -- including some type of homeschooling.

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Yes. Sometimes it’s easy to do. Then most of the time I want to do something else. I get around 3 homework papers every three days and about 30+ vocabulary words to memorize every week. I have cried at school many times. I have stayed up until 4 am finishing essays and perfecting my papers. It’s also hard for  me to focus on things. I have a very short attention span. Which is a big problem for my grades and participation. Also, I have social anxiety so I can’t ask classmates or my teachers for help or for more time and it kills me. I am going to 11th grade and I still am pretty retarded and very much “shy”. We are also expected to do more and more great. My GPA is 2.5. I am not athletic or smart. But I guess going to high school today is hell but I get my pros. I love science and we have a lot of information from the past generations. Anyways, yes. Homework is a burden. Especially essays which comes with a gallon container of tears of frustration. (Because I cannot form good sentences and I don’t understand grammar.)

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Well, this website says that parents should help kids with homework.

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