My english homework is to write a newspaper article about anything, any ideas for topics?


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You preserve write about what you enjoy liability and if present is an occupation connected to what you enjoy subsequently you may desire to create a career elsewhere of it. For example, some student like get a degree to choose early childhood education and college. If someone searching homework’assignment assistance service? Don’t stress more because company provide the best quality homework writing and assistance with cheap rates.

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Hello Alexis! If it’s a newspaper article that you need to write, I suggest that you base yourself on a very popular event. It will have to be something that will interest your targeted readers and you need to start writing about the most important information first. All the best!

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I am not going to give you any direct instructions, but I noticed professors usually appreciate social topics, try to expand on some actual social related problems (lgbt, body positive, feminism, tolerancy and even terrorism).

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What are possible topics for a feature article?  I am to do an assignment at school which requires me to research a topic that will interest the public; expressing a specific opinion about that...

Topics can be related to local issues.

1. Social media and technology

2. Students and cell phone usage in school

3. Drunk Driving

4.  Local authors.

5. Book Review

6. Local dining review.

7. Animal shelter

8. Art or Museum

9.Student Blog review.

10. Local sports events

11. Small business interviews.

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You can write an article about the types of entertainment enjoyed
by youngsters. For example:

Music: New styles, the various playlists and sing along activities. You will
find more details on this link:

Reading books: Different types and genres. You may click here for more

3.  Games:
Online, board, sports, contests

4.  Arts:
Stand-up comedy, acting in a theatre, watching movies, painting, going to

I think that this is an interesting topic to explore. You
will have many ideas, so brainstorm them and choose the ones that you will feel
more comfortable to write about.

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A suggestion for a topic on a newspaper article could be about something you like or find interesting. For example you could write about sports or a sport team that you like. This is just an example of what you could write about in your newspaper article. Good Luck!
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Maybe you should write about personal lives of the students in the school. It would be fun and interesting.

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