Does Anybody Know Of A Good Topic For An Arguing Or Persuasive Essay? My Topic Needs The Ability To Be Well Researched. This Is For My English Class.


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I'd Choose "Ethics In Government" Of Which There Really Isn't Much Any More  Or "Ethics In Business Which Lately Is A Joke As Well.. Corporate Greed..  Lying Under Oath.... Ponzi Schemes.. Giving Naughty CEOS Big Bonuses.. I Could Go On.. And On.. And This Gets People Riled Up For This Or Against This.. "Ethics" Is Honesty.. Truth... And General Helping The Common Consumer  Rather Than Lying To Them.. Cheating Them.. Or Holding Back Important Info To Cause Consumer To  Lose Money Or Lose Faith   Think  Bernie Madoff ..  Ken Lay..  Even Martha Stewart Insider Trading Scam.. Shame On All Rich CEOS  Ripping People Off..
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And what about those nasty celebrities???? They need to spend their whole sentences in jail when they are punished.
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What grade are you in? And are there any other guide lines?
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This is difficult, as you abviously would have your personal preference of topics you would feel comfortable researching and writing. I had a quick look, and there are some interesting topics here -
I hope this helps.
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I'd choose Life over Abortion
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How about "Internet social networking websites", not only can you do it through research but you can also share from your own personal experiences too!!  Just an idea, good luck!!
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I have done one of these not so long ago. I picked one about parents leaving their child, ten never coming back. I was totally against it. You could do this idea too. Or like child abuse.
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Think of something you feel strongly about.  Then argue for or against it.  For instance, Gay marriage.
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Mercy Killing is an interesting topic. Debate on if it should be legal or illegal.
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(1)Where do you go when you die.the views of the world religions/thoughts on this topic.what do people tell their kids about their view/truth of this question.(2)if we evolved from monkeys/apes why have no apes evolved since the first found forms of written history.(3)if people of other religions are about to die, (say in a plane crash why do they cry out for the one God) why do they pray to God/Jesus if they claim to be another religion that does not worship him..
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What your asking is to veag. Do you have a cap? Dose there nead to to be a counter argument?^_^

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