I have to do an argumentative essay on child abuse for my college, I need pros and cons on the topic, but I can only find cons (like how it affects society etc.) Does anyone know a site with articles that been peer reviewed on this topic with pros an?


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No but I can suggest sumthin...I'm n college myself by the way....child abuse n the home the child is no longer n the environment the child will have a good life no more suffering and depending on the abuse the child is still living gets a new adopted family n knows love now jus think of the positives once the child is removed b because of the abuse
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To write any argumentative essay, it requires from you to gather enough evidence before writing any kind of reasoning or argument. I don't think there can be any pros of child abuse so it is okay to give proper arguments on its cons only in your essay. It really depends on the topic. 

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Well, there are no pros here. But still, depending on the level of child abuse I guess one can say it is a form of discipline so that kids won't break any rules, it teaches them life is hard and experiencing it would definitely toughen them up. These could be some possible pros.

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I also had quite a lot of problems with argumentative essay writing when I was a student but I decided to just use Edusson when it's an important task and such an approach worked fine the whole time. So I'd say that it is definitely an option that should be considered at least. Because to improve your own writing skills, you need to spend a while practising.

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Your going to have hard time finding that since there arent any pros but try looking in books on  the  subject
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You can start with good ole Dr Spock who started this revolution of not spanking a kid, even when he or she might really need it once in a while and then after an entire generation of spoiled deviants began to raise their own children he recanted his stance and said that the total removal of corporal punishment can actually prove to be a detriment to societies as a whole.
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You are jocking arnt you? What do you need to argue about? There are no pros what is wrong with you?

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