As a would-be research student, state the guidelines for selecting a research topic?


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There are numerous criteria that should be met when selecting a topic to research. In my experience of carrying out research projects when studying at university, the most important things to me when selecting a research topic were:

Guidelines for selecting a research topic:

  • Relevancy: Is the topic relevant to your overall project? And will researching this topic be beneficial to your further studies? These are two points that must be considered before undertaking any form of research.
  • Interest: The topic you're researching must interest you. If it dosen't then you're unlikely to be able to research it as well as you need to. Personally I find that I can only put %100 into a research project when the topic I am researching really interests me.
  • Results: When undertaking any form of research you must first have at least a small clue or indication of what your results might be. This is because any form of research will be undertaken to back up your theories, and to help support your arguments in the main body of work.

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