How Do You Write A Feature News Article?


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Remember that a news article is typically written while aiming at presenting objective details and information about say a person, a particular event, perhaps an idea or a particular situation. Hence, this style centres on the hard facts of the story. On the other hand a feature usually expands on the facts. Feature articles can interpret the given news piece or give the story depth and dimension. Such articles can simply entertain or even educate the audience.

Usual channels of getting your information would include collecting various articles on your subject; talking to people about it; contacting organisations which possess expertise or interest in that area. Think about who you would ideally like to interview; and present both sides of the issue.

You might want to note government statistics as well as reports on the topic and gather old press releases or reports as background material.
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Hearsch has given you some really good advice. I would add that you need to do your research up front before you interview anyone. Start with a basic outline and a clear objective of what you want to accomplish.

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