What Is A Feature Story?


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There appears to be a very wide definition of this category of writing. In journalistic terms, it is an article in newspapers, magazine or on the internet which does not intend to break news but to add further depth and perspective. It often concentrates on the background of an event, gives a human interest element to a story or a commentary on a particular issue. Examples include a disease sufferer's reaction to the latest possible cure for their condition, background narrative to a murder case, or reactions to a big political story.

The writing style of these pieces is less urgent than news reports, although journalists are increasingly "featurizing" news stories to make them more gripping and appealing to readers. Feature stories are written in greater depth and often with more colour, bringing out the use of creative non-fiction to dramatic news events. They are written by staff writers and reporters but also increasingly by news agencies and freelance journalists.
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It is a type of news story that develops the writing from the type of human interest

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