How Do I Structure A Good Article?


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Start with the most important
information down to the least.
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Structuring a good article is not easy, but it can be particularly simple once you get used to it. Most people use the introduction to state the problem, discuss any essential problem or evidence of the problem. Next one takes the argument to pieces, proving, disproving, taking the argument piece by piece and explode and explore it on paper.

Make sure that you research the various elements of the argument that you are present, make sure that you have either a culmination of evidence or other people agreeing with your way of thinking. The more powerful, knowledgeable these people are, the better people will think about your opinion created through the article.

When you make your conclusion, bring together the various strings of your argument, enjoy this part, this is where you can control the final things that people think about your article and allows you to reinforce your message.
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A good article should address the needs of the target audience.

Once this is established you can do your research to to get ideas and evidence to support your writing.

Conventionally a good piece of writing should start with a Title, an introduction, where you let your audience know what you are going to write, the body where you explore all the ideas and supporting evidence and a conclusion where you ties all the things written together. However if you are writing for a news paper, this format changes somewhat. You start with a title, 'conclusion ' then introduction and body.

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