Is Homework Good For You?


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Hes even tho I hate it it does help us expand on the topic and helps us get our grade up
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well it depends upon the nature of homework....if its like complete your classwork in your homework it sucks ....but if its like some creative thing like do read the extra activities in your book, do write essay on etc etc topic really helps a lot to become creative ....and thoughtful

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Homework does teach kids responsibility and good study habits, but . When you get a lot of homework you don’t want to play the sports, but get it done so your grades stay okay.

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My kids spent almost* their entire preschool, elementary, and secondary education without homework or tests. They both graduated college with honors. I don't believe homework is necessary. What is vital is to get involved in your own education. If reading or working problems at home helps that, do it.

* They each spent one year in a graded/tested/homework environment. It convinced them that there are better ways.

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Homework is awesome for you! It's because if you don't do homework you might get a bad grade. Even though it's quite boring sometimes, you might find out one day, a project is FUN AND EXCITING! If you don't like it, find a subject that interests you and start doing that subject until you get really easy and fun!
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It is good for you because if you didn't have homework how will you go to a school like UCLA or USC or Stanford, and many other schools you want to go too! Schools are boring and so is homework but really if you think about it they are doing you a favor because you you it is so boring you just want to leave and never come back but still see that if you want a 4.0 or higher you have too work for it! I'm not a 4.0 student yet, I'm only a 3.80 student right now but soon I will be 4.0 and higher!! And the only thing I have to do is work hard for it!! And it is good for you too study on the weekends even though you don't have homework!
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I think you did not find anybody who like home work but it actually good for you. If you complete you home work properly then it release your presser about that topic for next time and you make you preparation easily at exam. 

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The first years of adaptation at school I had a very difficult time because of my homework, all because there was a lot of it and my attention was scattered. Later, in higher school, I tried to read various life hacks that can help me with homework, one of these secrets is ready-made homework answers. It helped me save a lot of time and effort.

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I am doing a debating report for school and I think homework is great!! I really want to get in a good school so I work hard and get good grades!!  
Work hard and you will be rewarded
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No, because it gets students stressed out,and then they don't have enough time to read.
Dawn you all to hell you fuc*in homework lovers
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Yeah! It's good because it helps us understand the lessons that we learned in school. But I hate doing it, though.  Haha  :))

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