Can I Have An Essay On 'Corruption In India'?


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Though we cannot give you a essay on corruption in India, we can point you in the right direction on where to get information on this topic. India is supposedly a very corrupt state with up to 45 per cent of Indians having firsthand experience of bribes or corruption supposedly.
India is ranked 87 out of 178 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index. This would make t a relatively corrupt country.
There is plenty of works written on corruption in India and a quick Google search will upturn plenty of information on the subject. Wikipedia has a substantial length of a page on the idea of Indian corruption and goes into details about the issues at hand in Indian politics and life.
There are also a number of other pages that document the problem of India and it s problems with corruption in length and these should also be read and would make a good basis for a essay.

If you are writing an essay it should be your own work and not anyone else's. In this case the topic is also quite interesting, which makes it a shame that you don't want to learn about how the world works.
There are a large amount of resources on the Internet that deal with this topic and you should have no problems finding information on the problems in India.
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You need to do research and explore this subject in detail, especially if you don't live in India and know nothing about corruption there. Of course, you can always address professionals who will do this work for you. I personally had a great experience with the guys from They wrote an essay for me and I met a deadline. Everything was done at a high level. So, if you don't dare to complete this task by yourself, I can recommend them with confidence.

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Check wikipedia

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