I Want An Essay On Literacy In India. Can You Help?


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There are a number of links from where you can get  essay  on literacy in India. You can go through all of these and you can pool in the information and can come up with your own essay. One of the links is - 45k - . If you have the access to then you can get the research papers and many articles on Literacy in India. Most of the educational institutes are registered on Jstore and it is one of the most interesting and informative site to get such information.
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That literacy is the basic requirement of economic development has been recognized throughout the world and hence literacy has reached around 99% in countries of Japan, South Korea, USA, UK, Germany, France, etc.

Literacy reflects the socio-economic and cultural set-up of a nation, ethnic group or community. Literacy is essential not only for the eradication of poverty, but also for mental isolation for cultivating peaceful and friendly international relations and for permitting the free play of demographic processes as well.

The concept of literacy, which varies from country to country, generally refers to the minimum level of literacy skills. For more information visit Literature Essay Writing

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