What Rank Of West Bengal In India Of Education?


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The rank of West Bengal in the Indian education system is difficult to ascertain, but the percentage of people who have literacy is 77.1%, which ranks 16th in the whole of India.

The University of Calcutta is the elite university in West Bengal and was the first multidisciplinary modern university in the whole of South Asia and India. It is recognized as a five star university and as a centre with potential for excellence, but does not make it onto the Times Top 200 Universities in the world list.

As part of the independent country, the intellectual resources of West Bengal have had a huge influence in the nation building of India. It was the first state in the country responsible for giving rational education to young people.

In pre-independent India, West Bengal had brought western education to the nation, which included the Bengal Renaissance and the Young Bengal Movement for India.

In the post independence era, the education scenario of West Bengal is improving rapidly and is responsible for the birth of numerous intellectuals and personalities who emerged with a global reputation. Visionaries such as Mother Teresa, Amaryta Sen and Rabindranath Tagore were all sons of the land as it established an excellent centre of education in India.

District level education officials play a vital role in the development as part of the West Bengal education system. They are responsible for the improvement in the quality of educational activities and administrative matters.

Primary education in West Bengal begins from standard I to IV, while secondary education is from standard of V to X and class XI and XII make up the higher secondary education in West Bengal.

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