Read "The Indian Tradition" And "Women In Classical Hindu Culture." Discuss The Caste System In India . How Did It Work? Why Was It Developed? What Was A Woman's Role In Society? How Did The System Fit With The Teachings Of Buddhism And Hinduism?


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Cast system is not something created by so called 'hinduism' . It is eternally existing.
In any human society there has to be 4 division. There has to be learned, priestly class who can be treated as the brain of the society (brahmanas), there has to be military to protect the citizen(kashtriyas) or the arm of the society, and there has be class of people who is involved in food production and cow protection(who is revered as mother because she is invaluable for human existence), and there has to be class of people  serving above 3 classes, or seeking employment in abve three classes(shudra).
This classification should ideally be based upon qwality and not by birth.
The perversion of above system is caste system of india .It started surfacing because india gradually got disrobbed of its ancient wealth of knowledge under the hand of mugals who distroyed all the education centers of india from takshshila to nalanda and even downsouth ; and later by britishers who did every thing to sow the seed of seperateism in indian society. Even corruption of brahminical order of society can not be ignored.  
Women and children are seen as stomach of the society .Future of any civilized society can not be imagined if it fails in protecting its women and children, both internally and externally.  
There is nothing called Hinduism . The actual word used is sanatana dharma .
Buddhism can be seen as subset of hinduism only. Gautam Buddha, is one of awatar of sri hari vishnu.

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