How Did The Latin America Caste System Affected The Development Of This Region?


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The caste system in Latin America is something which started during the colonial times and was even legal at a time. It is not legal anymore but there is a lot of discrimination in the region based on the castes of people.

This has been the cause of many social and economic problems for the people pf Latin America. The main castes Latin America comprises of are white, Indigenous, Black, Mulatto, Asian, Mestizo and others. Even these castes are divided at Levels A, B, C and D according to their social position and possessions. As a result of this, there has always been exploitation and only those people who rank high are given the good positions related to government, business, military and religion etc. These are the people whose rights are always protected while the others are deprived even from the basic rights.

This is a major hurdle in the development of the region as most of the people are poor and deprived while others enjoy a high position in the society.

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