What Are The Drawbacks In The Educational System Of India?


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Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh recently said that India's education system is in a serious crisis, India's economic growth poses a threat.
From the outside, the Indian education system has trained hundreds of millions of outstanding graduates, their hard work, good at math, master the technology, but also fluent in English. With that impression to people, Singh's comments are certain to make them feel shocked.
On the success of a few elite schools of concern, especially for Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management's concern, so that people overestimate the Indian education system in cultured human.
A recently published report highlighted the higher education system in India There is an inherent waste of human resources, even in the severe labor shortages, a large number of graduates to be employed. "India is the poor state of higher education in general, for the supply of qualified human resources constitutes a serious constraint," India's Director, Institute for International Economic Relations, said Rajiv Kumar.
The Indian government has committed to higher education, a "large-scale investment." Singh said: "The expansion of investment in higher education has become increasingly urgent, because if the school-age population, less than 8% of people going on to college or university, we can not continue to claim to be an emerging 'knowledge power'." Although the Indian government is trying to raise investment in education to 6% of gross domestic product, but almost no one believes that the worsening skills shortage will be a temporary situation.
The total number of Higher Education in India a sharp increase in enrollment from 1947 to 10 million to 10.5 million in 2005, but each student has received public funding between 1991 and 2003 dropped by nearly 30%. India's investment in higher education equivalent to only 0.5% of gross national product, while still allowing the existence of unfair distribution systems. The system will be 85% of central government funds were allocated to a few of the elite institutions, while the number of students in these institutions account for only 2% of the total number of students.
In order to be elite universities such as medicine and engineering professional disciplines enrolled students between the competition is very intense, because only access to these schools is possible after graduation to find a decent job. "We need a large-scale expansion of the education system capacity," India's leading software company Infosys Technologies CEO Nandan Nilekani said, "For a country with 10 million people, the country has only seven Indian Institute of Technology College, and only one-point could decide our children's future, which is very sad. "
India's university graduates, the unemployment rate reached 17.2%, higher than the national overall unemployment rate. It is estimated that nearly 40% of the graduates can not find gainful employment. For graduates interested in the type of work, many of them are "lack of talent or ability." After graduation endure a long period of unemployment, they can only accept low-level clerical jobs.
Problem begins with far lower age. Although primary education (age 6 to 14 years) had an enrollment rate of close to 100%, but literacy rates are still below 70%, the average dropout rate as high as 31%. India's Planning Commission cited a recent study found that, in the last 4 years of schooling of the children.
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The indian educaiton system NEEDS TO REFORME TO make HINDI and improving india has its MAJOR GOAL..not to create english speakinng indian who will go to europe and leave india in the state it is.

The british eduaiton system at its heart is a corrupt and deciet method of eduation. At the moment the elite are educated in english automtically that creates a sub division among people, language is the aspet that binds culture and the moment the english language in india is taking awya the need and deveoplemtn of hindu as a national language and the dvelopment process of hindu is suffering because the indians goverments refusal to erase english as a mainstream means of communication. What is happening at the moment is indians are tuaght in westerd eudaiton, they learn the history and language of europe, that takes them AWAY from hindi and indian history, the language they use will make them closer to the native culture from where it comes from. So today indian are tuaght engllish, they are taught a western style of educaiotn and history, that doesnt represent them or their history, so they feel alienated frm the start, when they go home, they walk the streets, they are indian, but when they go to school they are told to speak in english, what for??? serve the lowest paid sectors from europe by carrying out call center work , to serve the cheap production of europe, to educated doctors in india and then let me use their english lanaguet o blend in with uk soceity., or send out indian students with afalse history, with fales intentions, who start to beleif that speakin engoish they are adhering to a wider culture, the same culture that in truth on the street, is laced with racism..This is the problem. The indian system need to make hindi the national language, erase all englsih from mainntstrean..and you will have POPULATION OF STUDENTS, who know their language, which is reinforced by culture, who wil make development sof indian literature, their minds, their ways, they will take india and all of indians into a development of their culture. Where by 1.4billiob indians have so much power and sway united, they can erase englosj completeyl from mainstream and replce it with hindi,..and the rest of the world WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW, AND LEARN HINDI THEMSELEVS, ., will create a internet where 40% of all maerical is in hindi, it will reinforoce and cbuild indian identity and create leaving western delopvemt to the west, we can improve the society andbusiness to meet indian needs, wher 70% of all people are vegeataarian we should promote business oppourutnity to 3expand this, into fastfood vegatarian chains, to serve that populaiotn, wher in the west the increasing overweight people, are encoureaged to lead a vegetarian life ,, in india the western educaiotn is enoucragine the developemnt of meat eating fast food chains , which is by produce of the english language, the westen culture in the form of educaiont in WRONG.

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