What Is The Disadvantage Of Coeducation?


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1 Boys feel proud of being boyfriend to the girls and the same is to the girls.
2 They waist their time in idle pursuits. Not interested in their studies.
3 They like to spend their time at cantin while sitting with their girlfriends not in class rooms.
4 They consider to each other their friends. But friendship with girls is not fruitful always     
    direction to the wrong side
5 They always be busy in calling messaging and chatting to their girlfriends. If one's father  
     give  him some mony to buy some study related things he may purchase a mobile card and
     end it while chatting with his classfellow.
6  They make different voice at girls or make laugh in the class or unwillingly they may say some stuppid word in the class.
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I think single-sex are way better!
-why do you think that teenage-unwanted-pregnancy rate is very high in some countries? Of course because of mixing between the two sexes.
-and if you think sharing ideas between the two genders is better then it should be from your opposite sex relative not classmates.
-girls wouldn't be able to focus on studying as much as caring for their looks in front of boys.
-girls won't be able to have their total freedom.
-in some lessons like biology some girls may be shy to ask in front of the opposite sex and of course their might be some kind of teasing!
-separating the two sexes helps them be more curious about the lesson and will let them ask freely.
-some girls can be bothered by the teasing of some guys and their might be some flirting around.
-finally, school is for learning not for getting married!!
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Every coin has two sides, and my eye approaches to both of those silvery shiny sides, the positivity of coeducation is that a person learns how to interact and deal with other people and he/she develops her interpersonal skills which becomes a strong stivk to an old man when he/she enters the professional life because in that period of your life it is not necessary that you are only going to deal with girls if you are a girl or boys if you are a boy.... The time shows every mirror so its better to be trained from earlier
The negative aspect is engaging in some non required activities like mostly in coeducation girls and boys are found hanging around those cafes and pubs bunking the classes and this all stinks.....
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It has been observed that Co-education can cause gender stereotyping. Many students are not able to focus on their studies and they become interested in each other at very young age. Some favouritism has also been observed. In co-education some times it becomes difficult for the parents to manage their kids. Students are more likely to become fashion conscious. It can affect the natural learning for some of the students.
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Advantages of Co-Education
There are many advantages and hardly any disadvantages in the co-educational system of education. The first advantage is that if boys and girls are taught together, there will not be any need for opening separate schools for boys and girls.
Co-Education is bad because it create the complex in the poor student who can not afford expensive mobiles, car, motorbike  etc.
Coeducation with restriction is necessary. Each coin has its two faces.there are advantages as well as disadvantages. But that does not totally mean that we need to be back off the disadvantages and not count the advantages. What there is the need of the time is that you utilize the advantages and try and take necessary actions to minimize the disadvantages.
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Big disadvantage?  Boys and girls are WAY more interested in each other than anything the teacher is going to say...separate them, no distractions.  I mean, they're there to learn, not get married.
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Teenagers often gets into relationships down in co-education schools. And this kind of things cause them to loose their concentration in schoolwork, as well as the things that they are doing at home. It may also be a bad if they score badly in school and cause burdens to their parents.

Single sex schools are to make everyone of the same kind, type. They help to stop getting teenagers into young relationships. But lesbianism and gayness problems may also arise from this problem.

I personally choose co-education schools, we just have to stop teenagers from getting into any serious relationships. They can share their different views and ideas altogether.
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Well, I really can't see that much of a disadvantage in co-education. It actually allows both the genders to learn freely from each other, communicate with each other well and it helps them to maintain bright, long-lasting relations in later life.
But however, there can be disadvantages of co-ed schools like immaturity, teacher favoritism and favoring only boys or only girls and learning bad things in an early age.
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I encourages the coeducation because girls and boys are interact with each other there by communication skills also improved.   Whether it is not important coeducation or non coeducation any where we will learn ourselves.
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One good advantage of Co-Education! Co-education helps the interaction b/w the sexes as the boys and girls can mingle and comes to know how to behave with each other and can make them into a better and civilised human..
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Frankly speaking... There r more advantages than disadvantages. Students become more broad minded and spontaneous...
As for the disadvantages.....
They start their so-called "TEEN AFFAIRS" in a much younger age..!! Heheheheheeeeeeee
which a big problem for their parents....
Anyways, I'm in support of co-ed
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There are many advantages and disadvantages of co-education system but they can vary from culture to culture. The first disadvantage of co-education is the end of the desirable distance between the two sexes. Students are very immature during their education careers therefore, co-education can create such issues. Secondly, because of the different skills patterns and interests of two genders, distortion of emotions can happen which may cause depression. Moreover, competition is more in co-education system which sometimes create deviations from study.
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Firstly, I would like to tell you. What is the co-education? Co-education means where the girls and boys study together, write together, play together, everything is done together under the same roof or in the same class. Co-education is also good to understand to each-other. Mostly it is seen that girls always feel the hesitation before the boys and same thing with boys. 

So, it reduces the discrimination between the girls and boys. That's it.

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A girl should study for wife and a mother, and a boy is to study for father and husband ..so both sexes can't study together.

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There is greater advantage in coeducation than in single sex education because it gives the male the advantage of learning from the female the female world and it also gives the female the advantage of learning from their counterpart their world. Meanwhile single sex education allows the male and the female to withdraw from each other's world and some may not have the opportunity of having both sexes in their home.
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This is only true if the classroom environment allows it. When interviewing an honors class, I was dismayed to see that the (male) teacher only called on the boys to answer questions. There was no female perspective shared in *that* classroom. Needless to say, we did not sign our daughter up for it.
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Disadvantages of coeducation are many like gender stereotyping has mostly seen in these institutes. Both sexes are almost immature in the very young age and they get mix and are not able to keep a distance. Teacher favoritism is also a major issue like some teachers favor girls and some boys. For more information click on the link.
Disadvantages of coeducation

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