What Are Advantages Of Co-education?


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Coeducation is when boys and girls both study in same academic institutions like school, colleges and universities. It was first introduced in Switzerland but has now gained popularity all over the world. Coeducation has several advantages as well as several disadvantages.
Advantages include:
  • It is much more economical to built one school for both genders especially for poor developing countries like Bangladesh and India.
  • The confidence level of both the girls and the boys is higher studying in coeducation institution as they know how to deal with each others
  • Coeducation makes the boys less socially awkward and the girls less shy
  • Competition for marks amongst both increase which results in an output of more intellectual people
  • The students come to understand and respect each others nature and needs which is useful for them in their married life
Disadvantages include:
  • This increases obscenity and at times vulgarity in the society at large
  • The decrease in the distance between the two sexes can be harmful
  • Girls and boys both learn at different rates and this might lead to inferiority complexes

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