What Are The Disadvantages Of Cce Grading Pattern?


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CCE grading patterns have a number of disadvantages. First and foremost, the 'Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation' of students often leads to the said students feeling under pressure and stressed out throughout their school years. The tests themselves will be set using a limited syllabus, meaning students do not receive a broad and varied education in the classroom. This can stunt learning development in later school years and result in pupils that are not well rounded. Teachers will focus more on encouraging students to do well in examinations, rather than teaching them about various subject areas with interest. Pupils themselves will become focused on tests rather than the actual learning, and may struggle to become interested in various academic subjects later in life, causing them to drop out of the education system.
  • The impact of receiving comparatively low grades
Those students who achieve low grades may become saddened and discouraged. They will feel undervalued and worthless, which could lead to feelings of isolation. Pupils could be classed as stupid or unintelligent from a very early age, which is unfair as children develop at different rates. This will lead to many students focusing less on their studies, as they feel they can never succeed in the academic world, and more on other aspects of life such as being social and having fun. Some pupils may even become disruptive and misbehave in the classroom, which negatively impacts all students in a school.
  • A possible benefit of the grading system
As well as making all parties aware of the stage of development a child is at, the grading system could promote healthy competition between the more intelligent students in a class. These students will strive to achieve the best results possible in order to outperform their peers. Although this has many negative implications, it does improve the results of some students - so the CCE system is not all bad.
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  • Children are pressurized to do a lot of homeworks at a time...
  • They are made to give examination throughout the year.."stress"
  • So many projects and activities! !!!!!
  • Limited syllabus! No reference books which doesn't even make The student clear of the topic.. Stunts learning development
  • A child getting an 80% mark will be given a "B" grade whereas another child getting 81% will get an "A" which stresses the child who got a low rank...
  • A child getting 91% and another one getting 99% both will have an "A1" grade that is 10cgpa which will make no difference between both the children...
  • A child who is good at sports and other co-scholastic areas and bad at academics will have an upgradation whereas a child who is only focussing on academics will not get any upgradation...which is unfair.
  • This will make children who get B grade, low and stupid...

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If we did not complete our work we lose th grade but in previous before cce patern if they did not finish their work no problem for them.

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