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  • What is CCE?
CCE, or Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is a system of education in India, for middle school students between the ages of six and ten.

Devised by the Education Minister, Sapil Sibal, the CCE aims to reduce the stress of sitting exams, by applying a more comprehensive pattern of testing and education that does not rely on formal end of year exams.

  • How does it work?
The new system incorporates a series of both curricular and extra-curricular evaluations, replacing the traditional marking system with new progressive gradings.

It is hoped that by reducing a student's workload, it will have a positive effect on improving their skills and academic abilities.

New gradings are awarded to students based on progressive subjects and extra-curricular courses like, work experience skills, teamwork, public speaking and innovation.

By marking ability in this way, it is hoped that those who are not as academically talented, will shine in other areas such as music, sport and humanities.

  • Contact and inquiries

For more information on the the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system used in India, you can visit the official CCE website at -
Alternatively they can be contacted at the following email address - [email protected]

You may also wish to contact the Indian ministry of education - who will be able to give you a comprehensive run-down of the country's education system and policies.

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