Is AICTE Approval Must For MBA Institute In India?


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AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical Education. It is a statutory body for proper planning and co-ordinated development of the technical education system in India that was established in the year 1945. AICTE approves all the institutions that wish to impart business education (as well as other technical courses). It is must for institutions to get accredited from this Council. However, there are numerous institutions that are running without its approval. Students of these students have to face many problems later on as their degrees are not approved. In fact such a council is necessary for maintaining the standard of education in a country like India where technical institutions are having Mushroom growth. So it is must that the quality of education imparted by these institutions is checked and only those institutes are approved that are reliable.
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I don't understand why people have this idea that AICTE approval means anything to foreign universities? I have taught at 2 top 10 US universities and I can assure you that no one here has heard of or cares about AICTE approval.
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In the case of foreign univs, the need of AICTE or an equivalent foreign accreditation is required because :

1) If the foreign univ's India operations is based out of India...
2) Again the need of some recognition to add credibility and standard to the substance offered!
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Is approval necessary for job in abroad...
What if institutes other courses are approved
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Choose AICTE approved colleges / institute. ITM Institute is one of the institutes that offers AICTE approved. executive mba in India. The courses are designed for the working professionals and are weekend programs.

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