What Are The Norms For A MBA College To Get Approval By Aicte?


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AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical education. This council was set up in the year 1945 as an advisory body for conducting survey on facilities of technical education and also for the promotion of the educational development in the country.

Following are the Infrastructure nomrs that are required to be fulfilled by institutions in order to get approved by AICTE:
- The computer facilities must be such that there should be at least 15 computer terminals for 60 students.
- The library must have a selection of books from all areas of management and social sciences. At least 100 titles of books must be in the library for each subject taught and the minimum number of books must be 1500. An addition of one book per student per year must be done. Also at least 30 journals should be in the library.
- There must be at least four overhead projectors. One VCR with accessories and one 35 mm slide projector in the institute.
- There should be 2 class room and four syndicate or tutorial rooms for Institutions offering MBA.
- The educational building must have a carpet area of 10 square meter for 120 student population and a hostel size of 75 sq. Meter for 120 student population.

You can view more details about the infrastructure requirements at this www.aicte.ernet.in

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