What Are The Computer Courses Essential For An Mba Student?


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Martin Garret answered

Anything to do with the MS office, I suppose. Also, it would be extremely nice to know about the work of antivirus programs. For example on the website antivirus-review.com/best-internet-security you can read about the highest rated Internet Security. In this article, you will find many antivirus programs and ways to secure your computer.

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Ellie Hoe answered
MBA student should know the basics of computers Like how to start a computer, how to operate Ms office softwares, how to use internet and so on. For this they should take basic computer course. If they have some interest in computers then they should get different softwares like Visio, Erwin etc and practice them in their home.

If some one takes marketing majors in MBA then he should take animation course in which he get to know how to make ads in flash and also came to know about other softwares like Photo Shop and so on.

For IT majors, you don't need any computer course at present but once you graduate you have to update your self through out your life. Because IT is just like medicine field it keep on advancing with the introduction on new technologies. So to keep yourself update you have to take computer courses related to new market trends.

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