What Jobs Can An MBA Finance Student Opt For?


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An MBA finance student has a lot of avenues for growth in investment banks, securities firms and financial corporations.

Here are some of the hot and lucrative careers an MBA finance student can choose from:

• Financial analyst: A financial analyst's role is to oversee the reports and financial analysis to help the company making decisions on business development and strategic planning. He uses accounting reports and financial data to form an investment strategy for the company. He or she plays a crucial role in mergers, expansion, diversification of the company and also in global growth and expansion of the company.
• Accounting manager: He or she has responsibilities pertaining to tax reporting and creating income statements for the company. The career path has prospects the corporate treasure, chief finance officer (CFO) or corporate controller.
• Management consultant: He or she provides specialized advice on everything from financial viable solutions to corporate reshuffling for making optimum use of financial resources.
• Investment Bankers: Helps the company by showing various sources like stocks, bonds etc to raise investment. People graduating with MBA in finance usually begin their career as an associate with an investment firm or an investment bank firm.
• Credit Managers nd Specialist: He or she is in charge of managing the credit a company issues to its clients and consumers . They devise a criteria for rating the credit, oversee the 'collections' process and determine the extent of credit to be given.
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An MBA finance student has a number of options to choose from - treasury, corporate finance, knowledege process outsourcing, equity research, mutual funds, insurance, banking technology. The list is endless.

He could be responsible for allocating the surplus funds of an organization or he could be on the trading floor selling and buying various financial instruments. He could also be involved in giving sound financial advice to high networth individuals. A finance student could also be preparing research reports on various firms and accordingly giving recommendations on the stock of the firm.

The current market scenario for MBA Finance students is extremely encouraging in the new economy nations. A lot of the number crunching operational work is being outsourced to students in India and China. The leading investment banks have set up operations in these countries. But the high end client facing roles are few and only the best will get them.
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Good eveing this is koteswara rao. I have finished mba finance in (2006) and worked karvy but i was terminated from the karvy last 6 months. But till now i didnt get any job. Tell me good suggesions. Sometimes i loose my confidence. Actually i dont know what my position is ?

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