What Is The Scope Of BBA In Pakistan?


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The degree of Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) carries a great importance in Pakistan. There are various educational institutes which offer BBA programme to the students. In Pakistan, a minimum starting salary for a person having MBA degree is Rs. 25000 and above. Some of the institutes have BBA programme of four years and consequently MBA programme of one or two years. The students from BBA are also recruited by quality organizations such as Unilever, P & G, banks and other private organizations in various events such as job fairs (which are organized by universities to attract companies). Usually specialization starts from the last year in the last two semesters. Majority of students in Pakistani universities are coming to this field for learning the business skills from quality business schools. Top three business schools which offer BBA and MBA include LUMS, IBA and NUST. There are numerous universities which offer BBA and MBA along with other MS programmes. Now-a-days MBAs are in great demand owing to the fact that businesses are establishing themselves in this emerging economy. The students having BBA can do their internships from the reference of their universities to gain practical experience. Hence, doing a BBA from Pakistani university is a very good option for ensuring good future in Pakistan.
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Yar if you are talking about the weight og only instituted then what the hell we are doing in universities...................?
Your site is good that helps thwe stiudents to find about their best future
faisal nadem BBA(HONS)
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BBA(hons) is becoming popular among students who intended to go for medical or engineering, but couldnt get there. At first I also thought that it is a useless degree but after I completed my bachelors in engineering and compared the salary of my friends who did BBA from those ones who opt Medical and Engineering, I was astonished to see the difference. I can say that they are earning more than us Engineers and Doctors.
According to my friends who did their BBA, most valued degrees of business administration in job market are from;
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Please guys, if anyone tells you to do a B.A and then go for an MBA, you have to stop right there and shut thier mouth, because no good university will enroll you with a 2 year BA degree, its useless and it doesnt prepare you for the masters level, trust me you are NOT wasting your parents money of you opt for a BBA. Although scope in pakistan for a BBA is pretty skint ill tell you. Not even the lums iba or lse students get jobs if they are not exceptional in thier institutes, if you plan to just relax in the 4c years of BBA than you should forget the dreams of a good future altogether,

ill tell you one great tip, "Any degree in pakistan has a scope for those who excel in it" hope I made my point!

Ridzie-fast nuces lhr
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There is a great scope for BBA students in Pakistan
But don't do jobs in Banks please.The earnings of people who are working in Banks are absolutely Haram according to many Muslim scholars.
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Yep, BBA is really very much precious degree if you love to go in the banking sector especially in pakistan......I have done BBA finance plus MBA finance and nowadayz I m the branch manager of National bank of pakistan.....so you can justify by urself dude
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I have read all the comments in which every one elucidate very important aspects based on their knowledge and experiences!  I m also student of BBA(hons) , well as far as I m concern I get a lot of things from this degree. BBA is not only provide you a competence only in your profession moreover it provide moral ethics, mindsets which are required at corporate level . If we talk about our future then there is obviously no guarantee of bright future whenever we make our self deserve . If we deserve then we should desire. Actually BBA is not for passing the time along 4 years. BBA does not provide white collar jobs, white collar jobs based on our skill,attitude,mindsets and knowledge .according to me degree is just like gate pass , ones you have entered in concert where you have to perform well your self , if you have performed well you r rock , if no you r fock!!!  Soo plz don't blame that BBA is not appropriate degree for bright future.
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Suggestions plz I am confuse should I go for bba or for mechanical engineering which one is much better I am dum confused advise friends plz

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I don't believe this fact. OK, I agree that reputable institute is worth more, but again a student with high intellect studying in an affiliated institute from Karachi University can do a lot. It depends on you, how you are considering your education, giving tough time, hard work, general knowledge, all matters. We have to look towards the holistic approach, seeing it from one side is not the right way.
We are Bahrians.
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Exployers in Pakistan do not have the awareness of the competitiveness of the BBA (H) program. Their approach is pretty orthodox and they usually compare this degree with b.com etc.

Anyone who wants to go in the Finance of any manufacturing company, take my advise never do BBA (H) or even MBA-Finance... It has no worth in these companies... Chartered Accountants are ruling all the top level financial positions in Pakistan... So you can't build your career in those companies

If you want to go in financial institutions like Bank, Mutual funds, insurance, investment companies etc, then MBA or BBA would be a good option followed by CFA...

Otherwise there are other departments like Administration, Procurement/Logistics & Supply chain, Marketing, HR etc in corporations where BBAs or MBAs can fit in quite well...
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I am not agree with you,
bba have very bright scope in pakistan.
If you r a simple bba(hons) you can earn 25000 per month.
But condition is ,,,
you should select a well know institute for bba.
Like I.b.a, l.s.e, I.b.m, etc
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Its a true scope of BBA in pakistan is so vital because peoples who are not selected in any where (Medical, Eng) they join BBA prog. I think if student is competent and have a skills they will prove their value every where... Institue also play very important role because we prefer the best company product same case with student degree
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I have searched on both CAT end  BBA but after searching a lot I have decided that I will start my carrier from CAT because in cat you have a lot of chances to improve your skiles without wasting your time b/c it reqires a very short time of only one year as well as you have a good chance to done it according to  your  ability of geting
so sugests that join acca world without thinking more
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I'm doing BBA Hons at Hailey College of Banking and Finance in IRM: Insurance and Risk Management. It's a very valuable degree and I consider it very useful for me, because it's having very much potential in abroad and in UAE and though it's very tough, technical but challenging too, I myself feel very fortunate as I am studying in a very good institution.

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Don't think about BBA, my approx 5 cousins done it,,,, there is no job for them. Banks are offer jobs for those only who submit 5 lac rupees to bank.

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