Is There Any Scope Of BCS For Girls In Pakistan And All Over The World. Or BBA Is Better, Please Can You Guide Me?


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If your logic is good than I think you must take admission in BCS otherwise not.. I am also student of BCS .
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In current situations in Pakistan every other person is getting admission in BCS and after couple of years there will be tough competition for getting job. The companies will ask about higher qualifications instead of BCS. IF you have planned to get higher education in the computer education then go for the BCS other wise BBA is better option. But after few years BBA will also be saturated. I advise you what ever you plan BCS or BBA, get higher education for successful career.
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According to my point of view girls should not join professional courses because their duty is to run home and to care the childern. Question is that the education is necessary to create good thinkings in the childerns mind?.for this they should ordinary education.

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