If A = 25, Then What Is 2/5a?


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Multiply 5 by 25= you'll get a 125 then divide 2 by 125
you'll get 0.016
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The normal precedence of operators requires that we interpret the expression 2/5A as (2/5)A, so if A=25, this is (2/5)(25) = (2)(25/5) = (2)(5) = 10.
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My brother said it is 62.50
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2 / (5*25)

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The lack of a space between the "5" and the "a" is significant; it is
not 2/5 of 25, rather it is 2/(5*a), which is quite different.

could also argue that the answer is unknown because we do not know if
A=a; those are two different variables, and a value is assigned to "A",
but not to "a."

Perhaps this is a "trick" question intended to emphasize the importance of attending to the details. Then again, it could be no more than another example of careless disregard for the details. "A" may not equal "a," but is the framer of the original question aware of that?

Who knows?

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Each fifth of A is 5, since it takes five 5's to get 25.  so if you have two fifths, you have two 5's, hence 10.  just thought i'd back up oddman, so you would know which answer out of all these is correct.

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