Do You Consider 0 To Be A Number?


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In terms of value, no. But the number zero can dramatically increase or decrease a number. The number zero has great significance when combined with other numbers, so yes I do consider zero to be a number.
Sorry for being so blunt. This is a unique question I have never encounterd before.
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Great answer zex. It just popped into the head, and before I knew it, I asked the question. Thought it would be fun.
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Yes, absolutely!  It was a significant "invention" (by the Arabs, I think) in the development of mathematics.  Do you consider Black a "color"?  In fact, it is the absence of all color.
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Yes, I would consider 0 to be a number. It gives value when added to other numbers (1, 10, 100, etc.). The Number zero was invented separately by both India and the Mayans. Indians invented the zero for placement in their decimal system, and the Mayans invented it for their calendars. Hope this helps!
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Yes, zero is a very important number or else we couldn't have anything after 9 dollars-Lol.
Zero is surely a very dramatic number.
Zero, when alone, shows the absence/low-level of something.
When added to end of any amount, It increases its value. E.g., adding "0" to end of "1" makes it "10" & keep on adding zero to end of 10 & see yourself smiling with the high numbers-Lol.
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Yes cause if there wasn't a number 0 there wouldn't be a whole lot of algebra expreessions and negatives.So I would consider 0 a number.
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Zero has a value and numbers have value, so I would consider it to be a number. It is the median of numbers so it is very important!!

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