How To Calculate The Percentage Difference Between Two Numbers?


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Mathematical equations can sometimes prove difficult to execute. An effective tool in addressing any mathematical problem is taking each component step by step to understand the full equation. To calculate the percentage difference between two numbers, we must first assign a value to the numbers. For example, the first number equals X (the lower number), and the second number equals Y (the higher number). The next step is to determine the difference between the two. This is achieved by completing simple division: X/Y= Z.  Once you have that answer, subtract one: X/Y=Z -1= ? The next step in the mathematical equation is to ignore the negative sign and multiply by 100: X/Y=Z x 100 = the percentage difference. Another way to calculate the percentage difference between two numbers is: % difference = 100 - (X/Y x 100).

Whichever mathematical sentence you write to determine the percentage difference, it's important that you understand each component. Then choose the method that is easiest for you. Whether you start with division or subtraction, as long as you write the mathematical equation in the right format, the answer will be the same. One way to make sure you have the right answer is to write the equation in more than one way. If your answers match, then you have the correct answer; however, if they don’t then you need to rework the problem. There are a number of online resources including YouTube that provide math assistance at no charge. The videos on YouTube offer step by step procedures to follow to answer this and a host of other mathematical questions.
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Percentage Difference is the difference between two numbers(among which one has a higher value than the other) and then converting it into a percentage by simply multiplying the answer with 100. This question can be asked in two ways either like :"how much is y bigger than x" or "how much is x less than y". The formula for calculating the percentage difference for the former one is:
Percentage difference = (y-x)/x * 100
Here x signifies the lower number and y signifies the higher number.
Breaking this formula into three parts makes it easier to solve it. Start with subtracting the lower number from the higher number. Than convert it into a percentage by dividing the answer by the smaller number that is x. Lastly multiple your answer by 100 and you'll get the percentage difference.
Now lets consider the second type the question can be asked that is "how much is x less than y". For that we keep the basic formula the same but instead of dividing the answer by x we divide it by y. Therefore our formula would be:
Percentage difference = (y-x)/y* 100
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To calculate the percent difference between two numbers X and Y, do Y divided by X minus one. Ignore the negative sign and multiply by 100.
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