How To Calculate The Percentage Decrease Between Two Numbers?


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Percentage change between two numbers A & B can be calculated as:
(B-A) divided by A multiply by 100

For example, if a stock price increases in value from $123 to $145 the percentage increase is:
(145-123)/123 * 100 = 17.9 per cent

Alternatively, if a stock price decreases in value from $145 to $123 the percentage decrease is:
(123-145)/145 * 100 = 15.2 per cent
Another example of finding the percentage difference of two numbers is -

147911 people total.
73066 are males
74845 are female.

To find the percentage of males, you take the number of males over the total:

73066/147911 = 0.493986 or about 49.40 per cent.
So the percentage of females must be 50.60 (so they add to 100)
74845 / 147911 = 0.506013 (or about 50.60 per cent).

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Find the difference between the two values.  Divide that difference by the former value.  Multiply that answer by 100 and add a percentage sign to view your answer in percentage form.
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Percentage decrease is calculated in the same manner as percentage change is calculated. Basically, percentage change is calculated when a base value is subtracted from the current value and the difference is divided by the base value:

Percentage change = (Current value - base value)/base value

If the percentage change is positive then it shows the percentage increase and if base value > current value then percentage change is Negative.
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2.35 to 2.29
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To decrease it you first have to find out the amount, then you subtract it from the original amount; then you have you answer
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Original Number ("ON") is 10
Original Number Decreased ("OND") to 5

Subtract OND from ON ( 10 - 5 ) = 5
5 is the result of the subtraction between OND from ON

Next, divide the result (5) by the ON ( 5 รท 10 ) = .5
.5 is the result of the division between the OND/ON subtraction result and the ON

Finally, multiply this division result ( . 5 ) by 100 ( . 5 x 100 ) to attain the percentage decrease = 50 %
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The price of a cup of coffee was yesterday. Today, the price rose to . Find the percentage increase. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.

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