How To Calculate The Percentage Movement Between Two Amounts, For Example: From 3,599,250 To 1,394,880 And The Other Way Around: The % Movement Between 1394880 And 3599250? Is This The Same As The Percentage Difference Between The Two Amounts?


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Yes, it is the same as the percentage difference.  It is calculated as   "movement" = ((to amount) - (from amount))/(from amount)*100% First case   (1394880-3599250)/3599250*100% = -2204370/3599250*100% ≈ -61.245%   The first amount decreased approximately 61% to get to the second amount.  Second case   (3599250-1394880)/1394880*100% = 2204370/1394880*100% ≈ +158.03%   The first amount increased about 158% to get to the second amount.

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