How Do I Calculate The Amount If I Know The Percentage And The Total?


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I will do an example.  
Say the percentage is 3 and the total is 220

220 is 3% of what number or ‘x’

You do the following equation:    3/100 = 220/x
You cross multiply getting the equation:  3x = 220(100)
  3x = 22000

Then you divide 3 into 22000 to get ‘x’ which would equal 7333.33  
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The problem statement is ambiguous. It isn't clear whether the given percentage is of the total, or whether it was added to the original amount to get the total.
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Oddman, you are correct, and I have seen your activity on this site and you your knowledge of math is amazing. I just assumed that when he/she said 'the total' is 220 that they meant the total of the percentage.

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