How Do I Get The Percentage Of An Amount?


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Any percentage amount of 100% of something is 2 decimal points to the left of that percentage amount then multiply that number against the number you want a percentage of. For example: 7% is .07% percent. 22% is .22% percent. Then .07% percent for example times ( X ) or the character ( * )for multiplication against the number you want a percentage of.... 7% percent of say 48 is .07 X 48. Should be all set. Easy.
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You can find the percentage of an amount by converting the percentage to a decimal or a fraction and multiplying in the standard way.

8% of 50 = 8/100*50 = 400/100 = 4

8% of 50 = .08*50 = 4.00
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Ok... I'm going to give this to you the way it was given to me, and if you get this down, you can always figure out the percent, whole, and part so long as you have at least two of those numbers.

You see the image I posted on my answer? You can click on it to make it bigger, so you can see it better (and save it if you want).
 That is the 'percent pyramid' and is everything you need to know. All operations are done from the top (if you have that number) to the left (if you have it) then to the right (I think you get the idea).
 So as you can see, if you have the part, and the percent (it's always best to display it as a decimal by shifting the assumed decimal two places to the left, so 35% becomes .35), you would divide the part (starting at the top) by the percent. If you had the whole and the percent, you would multiply the whole by the percent (working from the left to the right), and if you had the part and the whole, you would divide the part by the whole (top to bottom), which would give you a decimal that you would then convert back to a percent by moving the decimal two places to the right. (so .15 becomes 15%)

Thus: If you know that 12 is some part of 48, you would divide the 12 by the 48:
12 / 48 = .25 = 25%

 If you know that you need to know what 5% of 300 is, you would multiply the whole by the percent (still expressed as a decimal):
300 x .05 = 15 ...and thus know that 15 is 5% of 300.

 And lastly, if you know that 12 is 15% of some number, you would divide 12 by the percent (still expressed as a decimal):
12 / .15 = 80, thus 12 is 15% of 80.

There you have it. If you remember this pyramid, you can solve for any number in a percentage problem so long as you know the other two numbers.

Hope this helps, and you have a great day!
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I'm not sure I understand your question.  I'm going to assume that you mean "How do you translate a fraction to a decimal value and thereby come up with a percentage."

First, you need to know what a fraction is.  Fractions are expressed as one number over another...such as 1/3 means "one-third" or "one over three."  3/5 means "three-fifths" or "three over five" etc.

What you do is divide the numerator - that is the number on the top of the fraction - by the the denominator.  That is the number on the bottom of the fraction.  So...the decimal value of the fraction 1/2 is "1 divided by two" or "2 into 1" equals "point-five" or .5 or 50%.

3/4 or "three divided by four" or "four into three" gives you .75 or 75%.

Now...I'm going to ask *you* something.  I am assuming that since you know how to operate a computer and can navigate to this website that you are over the age of 10 years and past the 5th grade.

My question is: "Why do you need to come here and ask this question?"

This is basic is not even "real" mathematics.  Did you sleep through all of elementary school??  Did your teachers not notice that you weren't getting this simple concept??  Did your teachers not offer extra help to make sure that you understood and actually *learned* what they - the teachers - were teaching??

If you are past the 5th grade and you are actually in high school, I suggest you get tutoring in basic arithmetic.  You are going to need it.  You may not think that being able to convert fractions to decimals and percentages is relevant to the "real world" but it is.  A job as simple as delicatessen clerk needs this ability.  How?? Let me tell you.

I have done what I am going to describe to you
all over the country, in as many grocery stores and delis as I can
find.  I will go up to a clerk in the deli department of a grocery
store or supermarket, point to something in the display case,  and
ask for "1/3 of a pound" of it.  Virtually all scales in
virtually all deli departments are now digital.  The scales read out
in decimals.  Without fail...and I mean without fail...every clerk that
I have ever done this with has had to go find a manager or some other co-worker
in order to find out that 1/3 is "point 3-3" on the digital
scale.  Meanwhile, I am standing there waiting to be served, eager to
get home to my family, in danger of missing my bus....and all because a grown
adult over the age of 18 and probably a high school graduate... Doesn't know
that the fraction 1/3 is expressed as the decimal "point
3-3"!!  *That* is why it is important to know how to convert
fractions to decimals.  The clerk knows that 1/4 of a pound is
"point 2-5" and that 1/2 of a pound is "point 5-0" because that's what
the clerk was trained to know.  The problem is that seli managers should not have to
teach their clerks something they should have learned in the 5th
grade.  Too many students go all the way through grade school and all
the way through high school without learning this most basic principle of
arithmetic.  And it's not even *mathematics*'s just arithmetic.

Get some help...soon!!

I hope this helped, and I wish you the best of luck

Bernie Zuccarelli
Seattle, WA

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Okay, its really not that difficult
I will give you a formula and you can use it any time you need it. Say you got 15/20 on a test and you want to find out the percentage. This is what you do:

15/20 x 100

it's that simple! You can do it with any amount

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62% of 120
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What percentage you want to find out, just multiply that with the actual amount and then divide the answer by 100. You will get the percentage of that amount.
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Total expenses per month = 389.14
Car payment is $236.95
What is the percent of the monthly income of the car payment?
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I have a contract for $ 1047142.00 and want to find out what 2/10th's of 1% of this amount is, can you help ?

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