The Sum Of Two Consecutive Integers Is 145. Find The Two Consecutive Integers. Can You Help?


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Let two integers be K and k+1
And sum is given 145
Than k+K+1=145
than 2k+1=145
than one integer is 72 and other is k+1=72+1=73
I hope you get your ans. Do reply have you understand.
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Translate each verbal expression into an algebraic expression.
See Example 1.
See Translating Words into Algebra box on page 120.
7. The sum of a number and 3
8. Two more than a number
9. Three less than a number/
10. Four subtracted from a number
11. The product of a number and 5
12. Five divided by some number
13. Ten percent of a number
14. Eight percent of a number
15. The ratio of a number and 3
16. The quotient of 12 and a number
17. One-third of a number
18. Three-fourths of a number
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First number be x
and second number be x+1
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Let first integer be t and the next letter is t-1
so the numbers are 73 & 72

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