What Is A Binomial Factor?


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In order to answer this question one needs to understand the terms binomial and and factor.
  • Binomial
A binomial is a polynomial. It has two terms meaning that it is the sum of two monomials. These binomials are usually in parentheses or brackets. A monomial is the simplest number. Binomial is the second simplest type of polynomial. A binomial could be a2-b2 but it could be shown as (a+b)(a-b). So the equation would be a2-b2=(a+b)(a-b).

  • Factor
A factor is a base number meaning that it cannot be divided again. It is the lowest number it can be. For example 2x3=6, would mean that the 2 and 3 are both factors. If you have an expression such as x2+4x+3=(x+3)(x+1) the numbers in the parentheses are the factors. They are also binomials.

Another concept with regards to factoring and factors: If you have 2y +6 then you have 2y=2 x Y and 6=2x3. You could also write it as 2y+6=2(y+3). This equation has a common factor of 2.

  • Binomial factor
From the two definitions you can now understand what binomial factor is. You have an equation made up of factors that are also binomials meaning two monomials together.

Algebraic terms can be complicated. Anyone who needs to learn about algebra can find information on algebra sites or purchase a book. There are plenty available.
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Binomials are algebraic expressions of the sum or difference of two terms. Some binomials can be broken down into factors. One example of this is the "difference between two squares" where the binomial a2 - b2 can be factored into (a - b)(a + b)

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