The Perimeter Of A Rectangular Backyard Is 6x+6 Yards. If The Width Is X Yards, Find A Binomial That Represents The Length?


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The perimeter (p) is given in terms of length (l) and width (w) by
p = 2(l+w)
We are given p and w and want to solve for l
6x+6 = 2(l + x) (substitute known values)
6x + 6 = 2l + 2x (eliminate parentheses using the distributive property)
4x + 6 = 2l (subtract 2x from both sides)
2x + 3 = l (divide both sides by 2)
The length can be represented by 2x+3.
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The perimeter of a rectangle has the formula:
Perimeter=2(length + width)
Now lets break the question into parts hence forming equations for both the rectangle's length and its breath as well as its perimeter.
Width=X yards
Now to find the height of the rectangle lets assume that the alphabet 'L' stands for length and put in the values given in the formula of the perimeter.
Now we have to make L the subject of the formula. So we would keep it on one side of the equation and shift everything else to the other. Hence,
L=(6X+6)/2 + X
Hence the binomial that represents the height for the rectangle is (6X+6)/2 + X
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(6x + 6)/2 + x = 6x
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P = 2 (L+w)
P = 2 (6x + 6)
= 12 x + 6
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Half the perimeter of a rectangular garden, whose length is 4meter more than its width,is 36meter. Find the dimensions of the garden.
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Find a polynomial A(x) that represents
the area of the shaded region in the accompanying figure.

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