If The Perimeter Of A Rug Is 32ft What Are The Length And Width?


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Your question, as asked, can not be fully answered. The perimeter of an object is the sum of the measure of its sides. If we are to presume that the rug is a square or a rectangle, it can have numerous dimensions. It could be 8 ft. X 8 ft. (8+8+8+8=32); or 1 ft. X 15 Ft. (1+1+15+15=32); or 2 ft. X 14 ft.; or 3 ft. X 13 ft.; or 4 ft. X 12 ft.; or 5 ft. X 11 ft.; or 6 ft. X 10 ft.; or 7 ft. X 9 ft.
If the rug is a circle or an oval, it becomes a completely different story....

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