How Do You Calculate The Volume Of A Partially Filled Cylinder?


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The formula for the volume of a circular cylinder = Pie (3.1416) x r2h
in order to calculate the volume of a partially filled circular cylinder you would need to provide me with the exact dimensions and shape to determine if the cylinder is a regular or irregular shape which will be necessary to determine the formula for the volume.
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Assuming the cylinder has a bottom that is perpendicular to the walls, and assuming it is not tilted so far as to expose the bottom, the volume can be calculated like this. Multiply the area of the bottom by the distance to the bottom of the cylinder from the water surface at the center of the pool.

Alternatively, average the shortest distance from the surface to the bottom with the longest distance from the surface to the bottom. Multiply that average by the cylinder bottom's area.
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When a cylinder is tilted,the water level will be parallel to the ground level.So the entire water can be divided into a rectangle and a triangular portion on a sketch. The rectangular portion is actually a cylinder whose volume can be found.the volume of triangular portion can also be found easily ,since it is just half the volume of the cylinder with same base as the cylinder and height equal to that of the triangle.the final volume will be the sum of the two.

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