How To Calculate The Volume Of A Cylinder?


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To work out the volume of a cylinder, multiply one half of the diameter (this is known as the radius) by itself and then multiply by Pi to find the area. Then multiply the area by the length of the cylinder.

For a cylinder with a height of 8cm and radius of 3cm the calculation would look like this:
Radius x Radius ( 3 x 3 ) = 9
Answer x Pi ( 9 x 3.14159265 ) = 28. 27433385
Answer x Length ( 28. 27433385 x 8 ) = 226.19467

Another example would be: You have a cylinder that is six inches wide and eight inches long. Multiply one-half of the diameter by itself (3x3 = 9) then multiply by Pi (9x3.1416 = 28.2744). Now multiply by the length (28.2744x8 = 226.1952). The volume of the cylinder is 226.2 (rounded off) cubic inches.

The cylinder is one of the most basic curvilinear geometric shapes, the surface formed by the points at a fixed distance from a given line segment, the axis of the cylinder. The solid enclosed by this surface and by two planes perpendicular to the axis is also called a cylinder. The surface area and the volume of a cylinder have been known since antiquity.
To calculate the volume of a cylinder you need to know the radius and the height or length.

The formula is: R x r x pi x h (where r is radius and h is height)
Pi is 3.14159265 or 3.1416.


Where the radius is 6 inches and the height is 10 inches the calculation would look like this:

6 x 6 x 3.1416 x 10 = 1130.9760 cubic inches (or 1131 cubic inches rounded up).

This can be done on a calculator in one go or in several stages. You could do the first part of the calculation i.e. 6 inches x 6 inches = 36 sq inches. Then multiply by pi and then multiply by the height or length, giving the answer in cubic inches.

The calculation can also be done online and the method can be seen in action on video maths lessons on the internet.

A cylinder can be any size but it must have a circular base and top and a given height or length. It is a long established geometric shape and has a range of uses from temporary packaging to longer term storage such as fuel tanks.

As cylinders are regularly used to hold or transport liquids it is frequently necessary to know how much the container can hold. This can be found out by calculating the volume.

To do this you must first find out the area of the base and the height or length of the cylinder. The size of the base from side to side is known as the diameter. Half of this measurement is called the radius i.e. From the centre to the edge. To find the area of the base calculate the radius and multiply it by itself (squared) and then multiply by pi.
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There are 231 cubic inches in a US gallon. So divide volume (in cubic inches) by 231 to get number of gallons.
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Try here

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Volume of a cylinder= Area of the base * height
V stands for volume
r stands for radius
h stands for height
Lets illustrate this with an example
Suppose that the radius of the base of the cylinder is 7 cm and its height is 12 cm

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Inclination=IN. Of because(radius-height/radius)
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A cylinder is an object having a circular base and a certain height. You can measure the volume of a cylinder by following the steps mentioned below.    1.Find the height of the cylinder.    2.Find the radius of the cylinder, i.e. Distance from the circular base of the cylinder to any point on its circumference.    3.Multiply the height by Pi. (Value of Pi = 3.14).    4.Multiply the above value (Height X Pi) by the radius to the power of 2.    5.Therefore, volume of a cylinder = Height X Pi (i.e. 3.14) x radius to the power of 2.    Example: Let Height be 12 inches and radius be 4 inches.    The volume of the cylinder is,    12 X 3.14 X 4� = 602.88 cubic inches  
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If I have a cylindrical tank that measures 46'' in diameter and is 84'' long ,how do I calculate gallons?
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The height of a silo is 30 ft and a flat rectangle is resting against the the barn is 10 ft wide. The barn is approximately 5 feet from the center of the silo how can I determine the capacity of the silo
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I would like to calculate in gal. The volume of oblong tank in is 5' high 7' wide 12' long
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To calculate the volume of a hollow cylinder, you first need to find the area of the base of the cylinder. Cylinders have circular bases so the area can be calculated by pi x (radius)2 where pi is always 3.14. The radius is equal to half of the diameter which is the length of the line drawn from one point to the other of the circle in the center. Suppose the circle has a radius of 10cm.
So, the area would be 3.14 x (10)2 = 314cm2
Now to get the volume of the cylinder, you need to multiply the area of the base into the height of the cylinder. The height is the perpendicular distance between the base of the cylinder and its top, or rather its depth.
Suppose the depth of the cylinder is 10cm too. So, you multiply the area of the base with 10:

The volume of the cylinder is, therefore, 3140cm3.
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Get me the volume and surface area of both a hollow hemisphere and a hollow cylinder
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It is to find the area of the base circle which is pi r^2 times the height of the cylinder to get the volume of it.

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