What Is Abbreviation For Mathematics?


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The abbreviation for mathematics is ‘maths’ or ‘math’. Mathematics is the study of space, structure, change and quantity. Through the use of logical reasoning and abstractions, maths evolved from calculation, measurement and counting and the systematic study of the motions and shapes of physical objects.

As far back as written records go, mathematics has been in use as a human activity. Euclid’s Elements is a mathematical and geometric treatise that consists of 13 books and was the first example of rigorous arguments. Mathematics developed in China in 300 BC, in India in 100 AD and in the Muslim world in 800 AD. This slow development began to rapidly increase during and after the Renaissance. During this time, mathematical innovations began interacting with new scientific discoveries to bring with it developments and discoveries at an exceedingly fast rate. These fast-paced discoveries are still being made at the same rate today.

Mathematicians aim to resolve the truth or falsity of conjectures by mathematical proofs. They are arguments that are strong enough to convince other mathematicians of the validity. Some mathematical problems can take years or even centuries to solve with many mathematicians dedicating their lives to finding a solution. Even still, mathematical proofs are less painstaking and formal than any proofs in mathematical logic. The 19th-century work of Guiseppe Peano, David Hilbert and others on axiomatic systems established the view that mathematical research is considered as finding truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen logical statements that are assumed to be true and definitions.

Mathematics is used by humans across the world and is an essential tool in many fields such as medicine, engineering, social sciences and natural sciences. Mathematics can branch into applied mathematics. This is concerned with applying maths to other fields and can inspire the discovery of new mathematical disciplines. Pure mathematics is considered maths for its own sake, with no intentions to make any practical applications.
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Math means "Mental Ability Test for Human"...
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Mathematics isn't an abbreviation but a full and correct word (noun). It is often abbreviated to maths in the UK, and math in the US. The word mathematics in this form is English, but it is almost the same in most European languages (and probably others too)- mathematique in French, Mathematik in German and so on.

The original word was Greek; in ancient Greek manthanein means "to learn" (even in modern Greek, mathema means "lesson." THe modrn Greek word for mathematics is mathematiki, so you see it hasn't changed much.

Mathematics can be defined as the science of number, space and quantity. If this is studied only for the sake of knowledge it is called pure mathematics; when used for practical purposes or in other disciplines such as engineering, it is known as applied mathematics.

The adjective form is mathematical, and the adverb is mathematically. An example sentence could be: "He carried out his plan with mathematical precision.

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